I have had neck, shoulder, and upper back pain on and off for a couple of years. It’s been hard for me to find a massage therapist who has been able to relieve this pain. I was in quite a tight spot and in a lot of pain with limited mobility on Monday. I called her up and she was gracious and accommodating.

She agreed to fit me into her schedule that day and within 30 minutes! Lisa has a wonderful way of combining gentle hands with a strong touch. I felt very relaxed from the moment I laid on the table. She worked on me for an hour and a half. I’d have to say she is the best massage therapist I’ve ever experienced. It’s like her hands found my knots, honed in on them with gentle but precise pressure, and rolled them out. I’d say she found her calling as a healer. It really was a wonderful experience. I am already ready for my next appointment and I bought my boyfriend a gift certificate for his birthday. Thanks Lisa!!

Jo Deam

Lifting heavy things on a regular basis has created some serious tightness and mobility issues in my shoulders and neck. In one session Lisa has made me feel 10 years younger! There are some knots and tightness that regular massage just can’t take care of. If you are an athlete or tough on your body, I highly recommend checking her out!

Rachel O'DonnellCrossFit CoachSaco, Maine

My visits at Bliss have helped my chronic pain. Lisa is awesome!’ I would highly recommend Bliss!

Charlotte EllisMaine Medical CenterPortland, Maine

I was in severe pain when I went to see Lisa, based on a recommendation from a fellow nurse at MMC. Just diagnosed with Lyme, neck and back pain to the point that I could barely move. Lisa worked wonders in a one hour session with myofascial release. The pain relief was instantaneous! I would recommend her to anyone. She’s professional, easy going, and very knowledgable.

Maryellen S.Registered NursePortland, Maine

In 2001 I suffered a T7 compression fracture, cracked hip, and three broken ribs from a skiing accident, ever since numbness and burning pain in my back has been a way of life, I’ve tried dieting , yoga, chiropractic care with minimal long term effects on my back pain. After two sessions with lisa I can honestly say my back has not felt this good since pre- accident , I went from being able to stand for a max of 20 min at a time, to over an hour without the burning pain and numbness over taking my back and hip. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from daily back/body pain.

Jim GaylordRespiratory TherapistPortland, Maine

As Head Coach and Owner of TruStrength Athletics, I understand the necessity of restoring the body to a state of mobility and balance. Bliss MFR therapy has been a cornerstone, for myself and our athletes’ success in training, competition, and general well being. Lisa is hands down the premier MFR specialist and deep tissue therapist in the Greater Portland area, I wouldn’t send my athletes anywhere else.

Jesse WallTruStrength AthleticsPortland, Maine

Thank you so much for the massage. After 2 + years of continual pain and numbness in my right leg, I am finally getting some relief. I had almost given up after trying PT, decompression therapy and accupuncture and had more or less resigned myself to living in constant discomfort. I feel 100% better after just 3 visits.

Pete BrownBridge Project ResidentMaine Department of Transportation

After nearly a year of misery from back and hip pain that has persisted through acupuncture, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy, I am finally finding relief through Lisa’s work. No other practitioner ever gave any consideration to the effects that scar tissue from two surgeries has had on my body – on posture, movement and its very structure. The release after every session has been remarkable, and the cumulative change very evident. I am looking forward, thanks to Lisa, to getting beyond the pain that has been such an exhausting and dispiriting part of my recent life.

Ellen M.LawyerPortland, Maine

Lisa did some amazing work on the scar tissue on my knee post an arthroscopy. My leg felt so much better after..impressed my PT people. highly recommend this!!

Stella M.

After suffering with a painful frozen shoulder for two years, seeing two doctors and several rounds of physical therapy, I decided to try Lisa Glines for Myofascial Release therapy. After just one session my reach was back and pain dramatically reduced. I can’t wait to see her again!

Tom StrykerBuilder. Climber. Fly fisherman.

Thank you Lisa for the amazing work you did on my shoulders and neck. I felt wonderful the next and feel even better today. Had a hard day of work today (I have a house cleaning business) and at one point I realized I was completely pain free. Last week I was still in pain even after having a cortisone shot. Darrell is feeling wonderful as well. We will spread the word about your work.

Judy L.

Lisa Glines has magic hands! She is at the leading edge of myofascial release, a special type of massage that actually HEALS the tissues she works on. As a busy pediatrician and life long athlete, I ask a lot of my body and I tend to hold my stress in my shoulders and neck- I trust Lisa to release my knots and keep me pain free. I highly recommend for all – she works wonders on chronic musculoskeletal pain, scar tissue, injuries and it is very relaxing to boot! Sports medicine journals are backing MFR with an evidence base that proves it works! Lisa is the best in the area and I wouldn’t go to anyone else!

Rebecca B.